The #TheSelfie: Selfie Like A Pro With This New Tech Gadget

The Selfie_Envision

The Selfie: Gen-Y’s favorite photo. We all know it, the self-taken photograph we snap with the secondary camera on the front of our phones that allows for a convenient preview of what the picture will look like before it’s taken.

We use editing filters to make ourselves look better, hold the phone at weird angles so that the light hits our faces just right, and we use Snapchat when desperate to take a selfie in the dark because the app allows for a front flash.

A selfie is much more than a mere photograph of yourself, especially when other people are in the frame. It’s how you portray yourself to the online world.

The Selfie wouldn’t be so obvious if it weren’t for that awkward stretched arm stance we have to take in order to fit our whole head into the photo.

There is now a solution to this dilemma…#TheSelfie. This gadget allows you to take a picture of yourself without looking like you’re actually doing so. In short, it’s a giant button with a long cord that plugs into the headphone outlet on your iPhone.


Simply position your phone and press the button. Through the magic of technology, you will have taken an awesome selfie from a reasonable distance away. Resulting in a picture that’s better focused, larger, and less obviously taken by you.


You can deny it all you want — but there is a high chance that if your phone is able to take selfies, you’ve done it. Maybe you aren’t the “Selfie Queen”, but you’ve probably sneaked a snap in.

While #TheSelfie is great for taking, well, selfies, it’s also useful for other photo ops.

For example – ever wanted to take a photo of your amazing new heels, but can’t stand up straight and reach the button? Problem solved. Place #TheSelfie on the floor stand up and “snap” you’re ready to Instagram the sh*t out of those babies.


Whether you’re a veteran selfie-taker or simply just want to expand the functionality of your phone’s camera, you should definitely try out #TheSelfie. It really works, and well.

Where can you get the #TheSelfie? Gabba Goods has put this product out. You can get the #TheSelfie remote shutter release via their website – Strike a pose!

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