Apple’s iWatch:The Next Big Thing

Apple iwatch. Lead Investor

Mass production of Apple’s highly-anticipated iWatch will begin in Taiwan in July, with the commercial launch coming just three months later. The company have planned to ship 50 million units during the first year of the product’s release. Predicted to be the next big thing, people have been going crazy with theories as to what the watch may look like and what it will mean for the technologically innovative company.

It is reported that the iWatch (not yet confirmed as the official name), will have a 2.5-inch display to be operated through a touch screen and charge wirelessly. The iWatch’s display will supposedly be comprised of sapphire glass, which is the same material that was first introduced on the “TouchID – home button of the iPhone 5s.”

While the iWatch will perform some tasks independently, it will be dependent on a compatible iOS device for functions like receiving messages, voice calls, FaceTime requests and notifications. It is also expected to feature wireless charging capabilities, advanced mapping abilities, and possibly Near Field Communication integration.

Along with serving as a companion device to the iPhone and iPad, the iWatch will be able to measure multiple different health-related metrics like steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, heart rate, and more. The iWatch is said to include 10 different sensors to track health and fitness, providing an overall picture of health and making the health-tracking experience more accessible. Apple has reportedly designed iOS 8 with the iWatch in mind, and the two are said to be heavily reliant on one another. The iWatch will likely take advantage of the “Health” app introduced with iOS 8, which may display all of the health-related information gathered by the watch.

Apple has insinuated that the iWatch will most likely not be its only wearable computing device as the company has hired the former CEO of French fashion firm Yves Saint Laurent to design prototypes.

This is basically a smartphone for your wrist — and who doesn’t need the newest and most innovative form of technology? Well played Apple.


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