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Lessons from Jay-Z: One of the Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time

If all of Generation-Y gathered around and held a vote on the person whom we all look up to, the…

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Your Business Idea May Look Good On Paper, But How Will It Fare In The Real World?

It happens to every entrepreneur. You are hanging out with friends and someone has a “can’t miss, billion dollar idea”.…

Stock Investing 101: Things You Need To Know About Investing Before You Invest Yourself In That World


Being an amateur investor or trader in the stock market is very tricky and risky if you just jump in…

How Rich People Think Differently


The world’s richest woman Gina Rinehart created a media firestorm over an article in which she took the “jealous” middle…

The 7 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs


Google "entrepreneurial characteristics", and the menu of top searches will complete the query with Mark Zuckerberg "... of Steve Jobs"…

Beating The Odds: The Things You Need To Know About Successful Startups


An entrepreneur’s biggest concern is probably how to make his or her startup a success. At the moment, nine out of…

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