Private equity. Entrepreneur. Lead Investor.

Private Equity: A Beginners Guide


Most business owners have heard all about venture capital funds as a source of funding for startups and early-stage companies.…

The tax system explained. Entrepreneur. Lead Investor.

Tax System Explained in Beer: Lesson In Economics


The topic of taxes cuts and raises continuously arises both on television and during social gatherings. Many people feel that…

Get Really Rich: There Is Only One Way


Most people have been brought up and socialised to think that the secret to becoming really rich is to get…

Pricing Strategy for Business Success


Before pricing your products and services, you need to understand what influences customers purchase decisions. I continually find business owners…

Cash-flow: The Ins And Outs


Sure, you've heard of the balance sheet, which shows the business’ assets and liabilities. You've probably even looked at your…

What Your Business Banker Won’t Tell you


Let's face it - the really smart financial guys with MBAs are not sitting in a bank branch serving small business customers.…

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